Bioriginal & POS Launch Sustainable Omega-3 Line

Bioriginal has developed a sustainable line of omega-3 fish, algal, and plant based oils with technology from POS Biosciences

March 12, 2024 – Saskatoon, Canada – Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. (“Bioriginal”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cooke Inc. (“Cooke”) has developed a sustainable line of omega-3 fish, algal, and plant based oils with technology from POS Biosciences.

Leveraging Cooke’s marine resources as a global aquaculture fish farmer, Bioriginal has access to a secure source of sustainable fish oil. Combining these new fish oil products, with an environmentally friendly source of highly concentrated algal DHA, and exclusive access to Bioriginal’s network of family-owned farms, Bioriginal and POS are poised to offer a sustainable supply of omega-3 oils across the pet and human nutrition markets.

With an industry focused on preserving fish populations around the globe, expanding the market’s access to sustainable, environmentally friendly sources of fish and vegan omega-3 oils is a natural fit for Bioriginal. The resulting line of omega-3 oils are fully traceable, based on sustainably managed fish sources secured in aquaculture facilities, algae harvested only once in nature, then repurposed into a renewable production process as a self-replicating source, and flax oils managed through responsible farming practices in the pristine Canadian prairies.

The launch of this sustainable omega-3 line allows Bioriginal to offer a reliable, renewable source of omega-3s, tracking the entire product from farm to shelf. Integrating these new oils with POS Biosciences’ ability to concentrate, refine, deodorize, and blend oils, with customized flavour and odour properties, inspires new possibilities for omega-3 rich oil products.

“Sustainable sourcing practices are paramount to the success of the health and nutrition industry,” says Shannon Sears, President and CEO of Bioriginal. “We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with companies such as POS and Cooke, who understand the benefits of leveraging technology to assist nature in providing essential omega-3 nutrients for our families and pets.”

The addition of these new omega-3 oils expands Bioriginal’s global supply abilities for fish, algal, and plant based omega-3 rich oils, with a sustainable supply that reduces the potential impact on the world’s wild fish population. Developing these new products is the company’s latest step in collaborating with industry leaders to ensure consumer demand for omega-3 oils will be met with responsible sourcing practices, for generations to come.


About Bioriginal Food & Science Corp.
Bioriginal is a global leader in manufacturing natural foods, ingredients, and supplements for companies in the human and pet nutrition industries. With 30 years of global experience, Bioriginal has carved out a niche by scientifically combining ingredients from all over the world, directly from the source, to create innovative and efficacious solutions. Bioriginal’s headquarters are in Saskatoon, Canada with facilities throughout Canada, the USA, Europe, and Asia. Bioriginal is a member of the Cooke family of companies.

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