Traceability you can trust.

At Bioriginal, we know that trust starts with traceability.

That’s why we only work with growers we know. Source high-quality, raw ingredients. And trace every step as they journey to you from fields and oceans around the world.

BioTrace™ verified products and ingredients meet our highest standards for purity, traceability and transparency that’s backed by strict controls, monitoring and tracking.

It’s traceability you can trust.

Our Approach:

Real Relationships

Real Relationships

Total Control

Total Control

Verified Traceability

Verified Traceability

Real Relationships

Our commitment to quality literally begins at the source.

The quality and performance of BioTrace™ verified products can be traced back to local producers we know, working in fields, fisheries and facilities we’ve visited. From the start, we work closely with producers and processors throughout the supply chain to develop quality ingredients and build long-term, personal relationships. Whether through regular on-site visits, offering agronomic advice to improve their techniques and crops, or providing educational sessions and training, Bioriginal is dedicated to improving people’s health and the well-being of our growers and suppliers.


Total Control

Our simplified supply chain is backed by verified traceability from start to finish.

Traditional supply chains have many links and hand-offs to bring products to market, but the BioTrace™ supply chains are shorter, ensuring nothing gets missed and end products get to you as quickly and directly as possible. The strength of our simplified BioTrace™ supply chain is matched only by the rigour of our testing, the quality of our monitoring and the depth of our relationships with producers and growers. From our pristine fishing and growing environments to third-party testing of the finished product, we track and monitor our products every step of the way.


Verified Traceability

Our promise goes beyond simple traceability.

At Bioriginal, it’s about a commitment to total traceability at every stage of product development until it reaches you. It means documented processes at every step in the chain of delivery. It means being transparent and showing you how we source, test and deliver our products. We know that earning your trust starts with traceability, and we’re committed to it every step of the way.


Our BioTrace verfied products

Coconut Oils
Organic Coconut Oil | LCO Neutral-LCO Coconut-LCO Flavored | LCO100™ MCT Oil

Plant-based Oils
Borage Seed | Organic Flaxseed | Organic Hemp Seed | Organic Pumpkin |

Marine-based Oils
OmegaActiv® Fish Oil | OmegaPure® Fish Oil | RIMFROST Sublime Antarctic Krill Oil

Plant Proteins
Alfapro® Alfalfa Protein | Organic Flaxseed Protein | Organic Hemp Seed Protein | Organic Pumpkin Protein | SolaThin® Potato Protein

Dairy Protein
Organic Whey Protein

AvoVida® | BioVin® | BioVin® Advanced | BroccoPhane® | BroccoSinolate® 2.0 | Chirositol® | Euro Black Currant Extract

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