Echium in Skin Health

Skin Health

Our skin is our largest organ and it primarily functions to protect the body against environmental influences. The epidermis is composed of layers of corneocytes and lipid membranes. These lipids play a vital role in controlling inflammation based skin conditions. The skin itself lacks important desaturase enzymes, preventing it from restructuring lipids that are available through our diet. Lipids found in our skin are a reflection of our diets. Common western diets are mostly high in omega 6’s Linoleic acid (LA) and Arachidonic acid (ARA) of which the latter is associated with increased inflammation.


Echium plantagineum is a novel food approved source of the omega 3’s Stearidonic acid (SDA, 14%) and Alpha Linolenic acid (ALA 30%) as well as the omega 6 gamma-linolenic acid (GLA 12%). SDA is a precursor of the fish fatty acid Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA), well known for it’s anti-inflammatory action. Multiple studies have shown that SDA is effectively converted to EPA by the liver, at around 25-30%. Also, GLA is recognised for it’s anti-inflammatory action. GLA is valued as highly beneficial for improving skin health, as also shown by it’s
application in many skin creams and skin-focussed supplements. The fatty acid profile in Echium oil presents the body with building blocks for maintaining healthy, clear skin. Scientific studies have demonstrated this, in both topical application as well as after oral supplementation.

Improvement of skin function through Echium Oil

Skin function can be measured through different sets of parameters. Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is an important marker for the skins capacity to retain moisture. When treating the skin with soap, an increase in TEWL of approximately 140% is observed. A 12 week supplementation with Echium oil, however, showed a substantial and significant reduction, showing a TEWL of only 30%. Other measurements, such as the amount of Collagen in skin and skin conductivity are greatly in favour of those supplementing their diet with Echium oil. Topical application of an Echium oil emulsion shows that real end point measures, like wrinkle depth, are reduced by 30%, a staggering 25% more than a control skin product.

BioMega SDA and “Beauty from Within” Product Example

By combining the unique combination of Fatty Acids Omega 3,6 and 9 from BioMega SDA with other natural
ingredients with proven efficacy for Skin Health such as COLLAGEN and LYCOPENE in an innovative delivery
form, with better bioavailability, we have created Beautymulsion. Beautymulsion is a delicious tasting, smooth emulsion. This product can be tailor made according the wishes of the customer, with desired dosages BioMega SDA, enriched with other ingredients and/or flavours in a customized packaging. Besides Beautymulsion other delivery forms such as Beautycaps, containing ingredients such as Omega 3,6, Collagen, Lycopene combined with other ingredients are possible as well.


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