In-depth scientific knowledge that adds value for your brand/product platforms

Bioriginal knows what will – and what won’t – work in nutritional and supplement formulations. Our experts are can take your concept and your market’s needs to scientifically develop products that are safe, stable and effective.


Forward looking innovators in product development

We keep our clients on the leading edge of new ingredients and technologies. Bioriginal has the knowledge and insight to anticipate trends in the industry, determining which ingredients will be successful drivers of growth for our customers.

Bioriginal has an in-depth evaluation process for any new ingredient in consideration, and continue to create innovative and strategic solutions to help our customers differentiate and grow within a highly competitive industry.


Since our beginning in 1993, we have cultivated strategic relationships with the scientific community, suppliers, government, industry organizations, growers and shareholders. These relationships contribute to our vertical integration and provide valuable access to expertise and insights that, in turn, help our customers gain competitive advantages.

Packaging and Capabilities

Packaging to suit your needs

We offer a number of our products in a variety of packaging formats, which allow for more variability in private label customization. From small stand-up pouches to large bulk bags or from encapsulated liquids to emulsions, we have a delivery system that suits every need.