Bioriginal was built on a strong commitment to responsible sourcing practices. We have a long history of working hand in hand with our global producers and fisheries to ensure traceability, quality of product and renewability of all our nutritional ingredients.

Over 20 years ago one of our founding objectives was to involve the producers directly, with the goal of working with them to improve their economic livelihood and stability, and we have carried this tradition on with us.

As well as our producer’s sustainability and wellbeing, minimizing the environmental impact of our ingredients is a priority. Bioriginal maintains strict control on low pesticide levels in our raw materials, and aims to partner with producers who support organic farming principles and respect best environmental practices.

Our commitment to responsible sourcing doesn’t stop with our plant-based ingredients. We work with global fisheries that protect and sustain the marine biomass, using non-endangered species, respecting IUCN guidelines and respecting international fishing quotas. As well, our three U.S. based manufacturing facilities follow strict quality guidelines and maintain sustainability protocols to benefit every part of the supply chain. Bioriginal is involved in each step of the process for our fish oil products – from the fishing vessels to oil distillation, we are able to control quality and traceability at every step.

Most recently, we have partnered with Olympic Seafood AS, who is Friend of the Sea and MSC certified, and beyond this has an impressive sustainability approach, which is focused on protecting the krill biomass, as well as the Antarctic ecosystem. Read more on the RIMFROST sustainability approach here.

Through these partnerships, Bioriginal aims to help people live healthier lives through responsibly sourced nutritional ingredients; today, and in the future.

For further information, read the Omega Protein 2016 Corporate Social Responsibly report which features product stories, community support programs and environmental initiatives. Learn more about Bioriginal and our product offerings by reading the report here: