New clinical study, using premium RIMFROST krill oil, published

New clinical study finds that RIMFROST krill oil significantly reduces glucose in healthy humans

RIMFROST AS is a Norwegian biotech company producing high quality krill oil and powder.Recently, the company launched premium RIMFROST Krill Oil with natural high levels of Astaxanthin and Omega-3 Phospholipids. In collaboration with Oslo Metropolitan University and the University of Oslo the effects of RIMFROST krill oil on cardiovascular risk factors was investigated and compared to the intake of a similar amount omega-3 fatty acids from fish. 36 healthy subjects with fasting TG levels of 1.3-4 were recruited and randomized to receive either krill oil,fish or placebo for 8 weeks. Intake of both krill oil and fish increased plasma levels of omega-3 fatty acids as expected, confirming that krill oil is a bioavailable source of omega-3 fatty acids. The astaxanthin rich krill oil reduced fasting glucose, which is important as glucose level is strongly associated with CVD risk. Interestingly, krill oil altered the peripheral blood mononuclear cell mRNA expression of genes involved in glucose metabolism. The study has been completed and published in to articles in the Journal of Nutritional Sciences(1,2).

“We are very satisfied with this long-term collaboration and that we manage to show that krill oil is effective inreducing fasting plasma levels of glucose. To our knowledge this has not been shown in humans before, however, studies in animal have predicted this effect.”says Dr. Inge Bruheim, Research Manager at RIMFROST AS.

“These interesting results will be investigated further in new clinical trials focusing on prevention of type 2 diabetes.” says Dr. Inge Bruheim, Research Manager at RIMFROST AS


1. A. Rundblad et al. Effectsof krill oil and lean and fatty fish on cardiovascular risk markers: arandomised controlled trial. Journal of Nutritional Science (2018), vol. 7, e3,

2.A.Rundblad et al. Effects of fish and krill oil on gene expression in peripheralblood mononuclear cells and circulating markers of inflammation: a randomisedcontrolled trial. Journal of Nutritional Science (2018), vol. 7, e10

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