Most consumers are aware that supplementing with omegas is beneficial for their health, but there are many who still aren’t taking them, either because they don’t like the taste and smell or have trouble swallowing softgels. Bioriginal emulsions are a unique and delicious solution; with the taste, mouthfeel and aroma of a creamy smoothie, your consumers will look forward to taking it daily. Emulsification of the oils increases the body’s ability to absorb and digest omega fatty acids, making emulsions not only enjoyable to consume, but a highly effective delivery form. Bioriginal has spent over a decade perfecting our development capabilities and proprietary technology for omega emulsions. Contact us today to start creating your customized omega emulsion that can differentiate on the shelf and help attract new consumers

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Highly Customizable Omega Delivery Format

  • Same great taste even with higher concentrations of active EFA levels
  • Combine different omega ingredients to create unique and exclusive offerings
  • Can create customized and market-specific flavors

Ideal for

  • Toddlers and children who require regular DHA in child-friendly formats
  • Consumers who have difficulty swallowing traditional softgels, such as children or seniors
  • Consumers who don’t take fish oil supplements due to the taste or reflux


  • Higher bioavailability compared to bulk oils and softgels
  • No fishy reflux
  • Proprietary emulsion technology allows the emulsion’s great taste and aroma to stay shelf stable
  • Convenient, smooth and easy to consume
  • Available in various customized flavors and formulations