Liquid Oils

Liquid Oils are extracted from a variety of omega sources and offer a great alternative to consumers who have difficulty swallowing capsules/softgels. However, most pure omega liquids have an unpleasant taste and odour, which can be a deterrent for consumers. We eliminate this issue right at the start through our Multi-Stage Organoleptic Evaluation Process for all our Omega ingredients. By using only the palette-quality plant or marine sourced omegas, you can be sure that your custom formulated liquid oil product will have a great aroma and taste that your consumers will love.

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  • Easy to take for those who have difficulty swallowing traditional softgels, such as children or seniors
  • Lower cost per unit versus softgels
  • Offer flexibility for dosing
  • Perfect for consumers looking for alternative omega formats
  • Customizable ingredient, dose and flavor options to meet your market’s needs
  • Great taste

Bioriginal’s Multi-Stage Organoleptic Evaluation Process

  1. We evaluate, qualify and taste panel each batch of raw material for all our omega ingredients, and classify them according to their palatability. 
  2. We then use only the palette-quality plant or marine sourced ingredients for formulating our customized liquid omega products.