Vegan Omega-3 600 Oil

Renewable Omega-3 Algal and Flax Oil

  • Vegan, omega-3 rich naturally concentrated algal oil
  • Vegan, omega-3 rich flax oil
  • 600mg minimum omega-3 – among the highest omega-3 content in the market
  • Environmentally friendly sourcing and manufacturing processes
  • Customized flavor and odor properties
  • Product formulations for the human and pet nutrition markets
  • Sustainable alternative to traditional fish-based omega-3 oils


Algae Harvested Once from Nature

  • Fully traceable from sea, to algal farm, to shelf
  • Algae is only harvested once in nature, then replenished in processing
  • Renewable fermentation process ensures a self-replicating source of omega-3 oils
  • 60% DHA is achieved by the natural selection of algal plants within our sourcing process
  • Renewable supply that reduces the potential impact on the world’s fish population

Flax from the Pristine Prairies

  • Fully traceable from seed, to family farm, to shelf
  • Sustainable farming practices ensures an environmentally friendly source of omega-3 oils
  • Renewable supply that reduces the potential impact on the world’s fish population

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Pet Friendly
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  • Customizable odor and flavor palettes for any audience
  • Low and no odor options available
  • Suitable for pet nutrition, supplements, and functional foods
  • Easily incorporate into new or existing products without changing flavor profiles

Available Formats
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Packaging Options
Labelled, bottled products
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Drum - Bulk


Add a nearly 60% omega-3, vegan oil to your pet or human nutrition line. Ask Bioriginal how.

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