Nutraceutical Ingredients

Bioriginal is a trusted supplier of a wide range of branded ingredients supporting optimal health and wellness through nutraceutical ingredient innovations. Bioriginal offers an extensive portfolio of healthy nutraceutical ingredients, useful in a wide range of product applications. Each ingredient is standardized and manufactured according to strict purification and quality assurance guidelines. Bioriginal utilizes its NutriPrint® quality assurance system for identity testing of incoming raw materials, and independent laboratories to test and certify its dietary ingredients for purity, efficacy and composition.

For superior quality antioxidants, select signature branded ingredients from Bioriginal.

  • Acai Freeze Dried Powder Organic
  • Broccoli Powder
  • Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen 85% Protein
  • Green Lipped Mussel Powder
  • L-Theanine
  • Resveratrol
  • Wheat Sprout Powder