OmegaPure® Fish Oil

OmegaPure Fish Oil

More and more, consumers want great tasting foods that are good for them.

Our team of scientists, engineers and food technologists has developed new ways to make it easier for consumers and manufacturers to incorporate OmegaPure® fish oil into their favorite foods and beverages.

We’ve partnered with food & beverage manufacturers around the world to formulate products that are both delicious and nutritious.

Thanks to its taste and odor-free properties, OmegaPure® makes it easy to enrich everyday products – and lives – with the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.

OmegaPure® can be incorporated into foods, beverages, supplements, and other delivery systems without changing the taste or flavor-profile of products.

OmegaPure Applications

ASK US how you can work with our in-house team to add this omega-3 into your products.

OmegaPure® is processed solely from U.S.-sourced menhaden fish, a pure source of marine omega-3s. Its single-species purity works as a clean label or can be easily blended with other oils.

OmegaPure®’s source species – and our innovative processing method – delivers unsurpassed purity and quality in every drop.

Low exposure to contamination

Menhaden are surface feeders with short life spans, which reduces their exposure to environmental contaminants and man-made pollutants.

Freshest to market

Vertical integration means that we control every step of the production process, allowing us to move OmegaPure® efficiently and quickly from boat to bottle faster than most fish oils on the market.

For manufacturers, retailers and health-conscious consumers, OmegaPure® offers several advantages:

  • Qualified health claim available
  • GRAS
  • HACCP and GMP certified
  • Kosher certified (Orthodox Union)
  • Halal certified
  • Taste and odor free

OmegaPure® fish oil offers a clean label with ingredients sourced and processed in the United States. Our vertical integration allows us to monitor and control every step to ensure product integrity, consistent quality and 100% traceability. Backed by a century of expertise, skill and passion, you can be assured of consistent quality with OmegaPure®.

Friend of the Sea

OmegaPure® is sourced from our fishery which has earned Friend of the Sea certification by practicing sustainable fishing and good stewardship across its operations, from ecosystem to business management.

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