Organic Whey Protein

Bioriginal offers a suite of dairy based proteins including organic grass-fed whey, hormone-free milk concentrates and isolates, and goat protein. Low in saturated fats, Bioriginal’s dairy protein products contain all 9 essential amino acids and can be incorporated into a variety of food and beverages.

Bioriginal’s Organic Whey Protein powder starts with sustainably raised animals producing organic milk sourced directly from local Wisconsin family farms. From there, artisan cheese makers separate the curds from the whey resulting in liquid whey that is transported to our nearby facility in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. In addition to high quality whey-making standards, the certified organic facility incorporates a number of eco-friendly, zero-waste processes that help reduce energy and water use.

Fully traceable, Bioriginal’s Organic Whey Protein is the purest, natural source of calcium with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or fillers. An ideal nutritious and delicious way to increase your protein content.

The Bioriginal Advantage

  • Whey made from ethically-sourced cow’s milk from Wisconsin small family farms and artisanal cheese makers
  • Available in organic concentrate (WPC80) and isolate (WPI90) formats
  • Low lactose and time sensitive digestion versions available
  • Cool-processing, non-denatured
  • WPI90 provides over 25g protein per 28g serving
  • 5.45g Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)
  • Organic, rBGH free, grass fed whey
  • Delicious, creamy real dairy taste
  • 100% traceable, clean protein


USDA Organic    OU Kosher    Halal

Product Characteristics

Grass-Fed    rBGH-free    Non-GMO    Gluten-Free    Made in USA

Market Insight

Over 70% of whey protein consumers want organic.

Organic Whey Consumers

Source: Bioriginal Proprietary Research, n=736, Nationally Representative Web Survey on Consumer Preferences, 2016

Protein is an essential nutrient for optimal health.* As people age, muscle loss occurs resulting in decreased range of mobility. During exercise, muscle fibres break down and need to be regenerated in order for the body to recover. Proteins are like beads on a chain that are broken down in the body to help rebuild and restore lost muscle helping prevent injury and illness.

Protein for overall repair

  • Proteins are amino acids, known as the body’s building blocks
  • Structured combinations of amino acids work together to develop muscles, bones, tendons, skin, hair and other tissues*
  • Contains all 9 essential amino acids*

Protein for weight management

  • Protein helps improve body composition*
  • Protein fortification helps build muscle mass*
  • Sources of lean protein support overall weight management*

Protein for energy and sports nutrition

  • Proteins repair and rebuild muscle that is broken down during exercise*
  • Protein helps optimize carbohydrate storage in the form of glycogen*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  • Great for baked goods such as breads, muffins and cookies
  • Add to favorite beverages such as milk or juices
  • Ideal for shakes and smoothie blends
  • Perfect for pre- and post-workout nourishment
  • Active Lifestyles
  • Clean Label
  • Organic
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Immune Health
  • Bone & Joint Health
  • Meal Replacement
  • 20kg 3-ply poly-lined, square bottom, heat-sealed Kraft bag
  • Custom packaging options such as stand-up pouches, canisters and sachets available upon request