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Debunking 5 Most Common Plant Protein Myths

Proteins are an essential nutrient for optimal health. Known as the body’s building blocks, proteins are made up of individual amino acids linked together and broken down in the body to support a number of bodily functions, including the development, maintenance and repair of muscles and tissues. There are 21 amino acids, with 9 essential amino acids that must be obtained from the diet because the body cannot produce them.

A recent report by Nielsen shows the tremendous 20% retail sales growth of plant-based foods reaching US$3.3 billion within the last year.1 With plant-based options becoming more popular, the issue of what makes a quality protein comes into question. We shed some light into this debate as we reveal the most common myths surrounding plant proteins. By understanding consumer objections, brands will be better equipped to communicate the benefits of plant-based proteins resulting in potential business sales.

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