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A big thank you to everyone who made this year’s SupplySide West a success! Didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth? Read on to learn about the products we had featured at this year’s show.




What’s New

Bioriginal, has been hard at work to bring new products to the SupplySide West (SSW) trade show. While formally launching our new MCT Bomb, a naturally sweet, keto certified, 60% MCT Fat Bomb that’s a source of clean fuel to get you through the day. We also launched a keto line of products designed specifically to enhance the keto & low carb diet experience.

The first product features the nutraceutical Reducose®, which blocks the digestion of up to 40 percent of ingested carbohydrates, making it easier to enter and stay in ketosis. The second seeks to provide a smooth transition to ketosis by assisting with, and promoting, relief from brain fog, lethargy and stomach upset associated with the ‘keto flu.’ The final new product helps ease carbohydrate and sugar cravings for dieters as they transition into ketosis.

Along with these products, we also featured our InstaMCT™ Coconut MCT Powder line, that includes:


Bioriginal Boost Bar

For attendees at the show who were looking for a boost, we were serving up hot and cold drink samples, complete with your choice of beverage supplement from our list of featured products in our Bioriginal Boost Bar.

As a thank you for sampling our products, attendees could complete a short form providing feedback to enter a prize draw for a chance to win 1 of 3 main prize packs!

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