Bioriginal Bringing Evidence-Based Transparency to the Pet Nutrition Industry

Bioriginal is raising the standards for purity, transparency, and sustainability of salmon & pollock oils in the global pet nutrition industry, through ORIVO certification.

Bioriginal Food & Science Corp (“Bioriginal”) is pleased to announce it has achieved ORIVO certification – affirming the authenticity of its salmon & pollock oils for the pet nutrition market. The ORIVO certification guarantees evidence-based transparency of Bioriginal’s raw materials for food and supplements.

The ORIVO origin verification process provides Bioriginal’s brand and bulk customers a strategic advantage over competitors, providing trust and confidence that the product on the label is what it says it is. ORIVO’s unique fingerprinting technology is used to match omega-3 products with the ORIVO reference database to prove authentic origin (species and geographic area) of the raw material used.

“We have been working hard to grow our marine oil business in the pet nutrition market, and one thing we noticed was an increasing demand from pet owners related to transparency of ingredients”, says Cameron Kupper, Vice President, Business Development with Bioriginal.  “Our partnership with ORIVO, allows us to provide evidence-based transparency to customers and consumers – guaranteeing the salmon and pollock oils we sell are 100% pure and authentic”.

In addition to omega-3 supplement testing and certification, ORIVO also provides the same services to pet feed. Using state-of-the-art DNA-analysis methods, ORIVO recently performed a screening of 35 pet food products claiming to be composed of single, or multiple species. The products, from across the United States and Europe, were analyzed for species composition with the results compared to product label declarations. The results showed that almost 60% of the products did not comply with the ingredients listed. Similar testing by ORIVO on omega-3 products showed that as much as 45% of tested products did not contain the ingredients declared on the labels.

“At the end of the day, consumers deserve to know what’s in the products they consume, and what they feed their pets. Our verification process and certification provide brands the ability to make sure consumers have that confidence”, explains Svein Erik Haugmo, Chief Executive Officer of Orivo.  “We are excited to work with Bioriginal going forward.”

ORIVO has delivered evidence-based testing and certification services to the global feed and supplement industry since 2014. The testing technology is based on proven laboratory analysis technologies combined with strong reference databases and analysis algorithms. ORIVO is able to verify species and region of origin via quality assured sampling protocols. Based in Molde, Norway, ORIVO serves the global markets independent 3rd party verification to meet the consumer demand for transparent and sustainable feed and supplements.

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Bioriginal is a global leader in manufacturing natural nutritional foods, ingredients, and supplements for companies in the human and pet nutrition industries. With over 25 years of global experience, Bioriginal has carved out a niche by scientifically combining ingredients from all over the world, directly from the source, to create innovative and efficacious solutions. Bioriginal’s headquarters are in Saskatoon, Canada with facilities throughout the USA, Europe and Asia. Bioriginal is a member of the Cooke family of companies. For more information, please visit

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