DHA Straight from the Source

To create AlgalPure DHA®, we go directly to the source – producing a plant-based vegan omega-3 DHA oil derived from microalgae (the same source that fish get it from). Grown in a controlled environment and made using patented processes – without the use of solvents – AlgalPure DHA® is a rich natural source of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. Exclusive to Bioriginal, AlgalPure DHA® is a sustainable, plant-based fish oil alternative with outstanding purity, freshness, stability and versatility.



  • Minimum 40% DHA
  • Plant-based fish oil alternative that provides all the health benefits of omega-3 DHA without the fishy taste
  • Neutral taste and odor free with a light color
  • Sustainable vegan oil from the Schizochytrium sp.
  • Produced and refined in Europe
  • Patented production process using gentle aqueous extraction – without the use of solvents
  • Blending possibilities to meet customer specific demands
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Pet Friendly
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  • Applications in many markets such as: pet nutrition, supplements and functional foods
  • Can be incorporated into a variety of foods, beverages, and supplements
  • Easily incorporate into new or existing products without changing flavor profiles
Available Formats
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Packaging Options
Labelled, bottled products
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Drum - Bulk

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AlgalPure DHA® Algal Oil

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