Purity Starts at the Source

BioPure DHA®’s unique purity and potency are controlled from source to shelf. Isolated waters, an exclusive fish supply, and proprietary cold-extraction technology create naturally pure, DHA-rich fish oil. Mild processing further maximizes purity to produce mild, deodorized oil, while preserving its natural triglyceride structure and high DHA content. In addition to these controls, BioPure DHA® meets or exceeds international standards and CRN recommendations by subjecting every single batch to third-party laboratory tests.


Product Benefits

  • Rich source of DHA – providing a minimum 25% DHA
  • Provides all the health benefits of omega-3 DHA without the fishy taste or odor
  • Fully traceable from boat to finished product
  • Produced from a strict selection of specific parts of the fish to maximize purity and quality
  • A unique temperature controlled cold extraction process is utilized to boost oil stability and optimize freshness
  • Taste and odor free
Clean Label
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Pet Friendly
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  • Can be incorporated into a variety of foods, beverages, supplements and other delivery systems
  • Easily incorporate into new or existing products without changing flavor profiles
  • Available in flavored chewable softgels – fruit punch flavored oil delivered in a soft and chewable softgel
Available Formats
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Packaging Options
Labelled, bottled products
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BioPure DHA®

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