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Our all natural salmon & pollock oils are harvested and processed in Alaska – the only state with a mandate for sustainable seafood written right into its constitution. Our fishing practices are governed by a commitment to sustainable practices and complete traceability.

As well, no fish is caught for the sole purpose of making oil. Instead, our fish oils are a co-product of high-quality seafood products for human consumption. This means the catch is better utilized – additionally providing a sustainable choice of high-quality wild Alaskan salmon and pollock oils for your pets – while helping to further conserve healthy fish stocks.


Product Benefits

  • Derived from wild Alaskan Salmon and Pollock, that have lived off of a natural, nutrient-rich diet
  • Made in the USA – caught and processed in the USA
  • Vertically Integrated – we control all aspects of the final product, from sourcing to production
  • Regular testing for chemical residues, heavy metals, and other contaminants to ensure purity of the product.
  • Triple filtered and cold processed for purity
  • Quality tested and certified
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Quality product for the best results

Color varies from fish to fish and from season to season. Due to this, natural color variation is common in the oils. This is is due in part to the wild Alaskan salmon and pollock’s natural diets and the amount of time they spend in the ocean.

The ratio and amount of the omegas in fish oils can also vary from batch-to-batch. This is why we blend batches to reduce variability and ensure our product maintains the important nutrients that will help keep your furry friend healthy.

Wild Alaskan Fish Oil Products

Our Wild Alaskan Fish Oils are supplied from 100% pure, fresh wild salmon and pollock from the cold and pristine waters of Alaska. Drizzle over daily meals to provide your pet with a natural source of beneficial omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to support brain, heart, joint, skin and coat health.

wild Alaskan salmon

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Our Salmon Oil is derived only from wild Alaskan Salmon that have spent their entire lives foraging on a natural, nutrient-rich diet. The resulting oil contains a balanced blend of valuable fatty acids, inherent antioxidants, and vitamins that naturally occur in the salmon. Salmon Oil supplies a daily supplement rich in EPA and DHA that help your pet’s maintain naturally healthy skin, lustrous coat, healthy joints and a sound cardiovascular system.

  • Wild caught, sustainably harvested salmon from clean Alaskan waters
  • Great source of natural omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA & DHA
  • Ideal for skin & coat, brain, heart, and joint support in dogs & cats
  • Triple filtered & cold processed for purity
  • Low-odor cat & dog food fish oil supplement

Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil

Living in the pristine, icy cold waters of the Bering Sea, our wild Alaskan Pollock is an excellent and sustainable natural source of fish oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Wild Alaskan Pollock Oil has a unique ratio of EPA to DHA, supplying a source great source of omega-3s, that help to support and maintain healthy skin, coat, and joints of your pets.

  • Wild caught, sustainably harvested pollock from clean Alaskan waters
  • Great source of natural omega-3 essential fatty acid EPA
  • Ideal for skin & coat, brain, heart, and joint support in dogs & cats
  • Triple filtered & cold processed for purity
  • More affordable alternative to salmon oil

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Wild Alaskan Fish Oils

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